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Just a dog (Musician) that does anything to make his master (Music) happy.

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Well... This is the first time that I post something in the Newgrounds... Why is the first post so difficult to write!?

I think I will start with the beginning; I was a boy that loved (and still love) videogame and music, especially music. My hobbies were finding good games with good soundtrack and put these soundtracks in my cellphone... In a beautiful day, while I was in the net looking for flash games I found a game with an incredible soundtrack, I really liked it, so, I search more about the artist and discovered that he/she had pratically the same age as mine (Ok, a little older, but that is a minor detail without any importance)... I thought "If he/she can, why can't I do the same?" and so, I created my name as CrismonPhones (Beacuse all my phones and headphones are red) and start looking for ways to create music and finally contribute to the most important thing in my life (The music).

Making music is absolutely the most fantastic thing in my life... I don't know how to exlplain, but the important is that I made a promise with myself that when I had made five good songs (Songs that I can post here without anyone trying to kill me) I would make an account here, and finally this day has come.

So, nice to meet you all! I hope that you like my music, and, if possible, give me tips to get better at this, I know that having everybody like my music is impossible, but if at least one person like, I will be happy!

Thank you for having the patience of reading all this post, I promise that I will do my best to create songs that all of you can hear over and over again with a smile in the face, because, to me, this is REAL music.

P.S.: Please, don't ask who is the artist that made me feel that I can do this, I will reveal when I feel that I can talk to he/she in equal... Or at least as a fellow artist (In the moment I'm still a "Beginner artist")

P.S.S.: Sorry if there some english errors, I'm from Brazil and my english is not that good

Well, thats all, again, Thank for reading this all!